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CFI Renewal

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Am intersted in obtaining opinions regarding the various ways of renewing the CFI.

The last two renewals have been completed by the company POI. Since that is not possible this renewal, asking for suggestions.

1. Anyone attend an AOPA CFI renewal weekend recently? Would like to hear any benefits/negatives.

2. On-line renewal? AOPA/American Flyers

3. Any other renewal weekends?

I'm presently in the Midwest, with jumpseat privileges, so the location isn't too much trouble (prefer East Coast / Midwest / Florida).

Thanks for your assistance.
I did mine online thru American Flyers a couple weeks ago. It was $100 and it will be free for subsequent renewals.

At the end of the course they will present you online with a completion certificate and you can then take that to your local FSDO for renewal. Or, you can pay extra ($35 I think) and have Amer Flyers do the paperwork and get your temp cert in the mail.

Not too much fun spending that much time online, but it's better that attending a weekend ground school. It's very easy too.
I agree completely with Fly26...

I have used American Flyers Online for my last several renewals, and their new program is $100 one time and it includes all future renewals (online)....
I looked at both the AF online renewal and the Gleim online renewal. I was all set to use the AF program, but found in the free demonstration that it was very heavy on graphics and sound. Since I have dialup, I decided I didn't want to go that route. Afterwards, someone told me that the AF program has a timer that makes you sit on each lesson for an hour, and you can't proceed even if you've finished absorbing the info.

Too bad, because I would've liked to take advantage of the free renewals for life after paying the initial $100.

I went with the Gleim course, also $100. They let you do lesson one at no charge, and if you decide to use the program, lesson one will count towards the final credit. It is 16 total lessons.

The format works like this: open a lesson, take a 30-question T/F quiz to get your brain engaged in the material (this doesn't count toward the grade), then review 10-20 pages on the subject matter (downloadable in PDF format), and finally, take a 10-question multiple choice exam...then move to the next lesson.

The only negative I found with the Gleim was the cumbersome registration process, but most of that was due to FAA paperwork. I'm assuming any of the online courses would be subject to this process.

The 8710 was mostly filled out with the information provided during registration. Only a few more lines to fill in to finalize it. I highly recommend using the $25 service for them to file the paperwork. This entails sending them the 8710, your current CFI ticket, your graduation certificate, and an affidavit proving your identity (I used a notary at my bank, took me 5 minutes). All of the necessary forms are dowloadable in PDF format, ready to print. They send it off to the FAA and also mail you a temporary certificate.

Sure, I have to pay them another 100 bucks in two years, but the all-text format was very easy (reads and tests just like a Gleim red book) and I was able to go at my own pace, no matter how slow or fast that was. I finished the whole test in one day on a long layover, but only because I'd waited 'til the last minute. It can be spread over a longer period at your leisure.

Bottom line...I highly recommend Gleim. You don't need to spend all that money on a classroom program. Whatever you choose, best of luck.

Here's the link to Gleim's online FIRC.
The Amer Flyers program does have a lot of graphics, but you don't even need to view them. I didn't and got the info I needed for the quizzes from the text only. I would have spent the time if I was actively instructing.

Yes, the online timer is a pain. Each lesson requires a minimum time spent with the material.
American Flyers On-line

I did the on-line part too, and I have a dial up... It really is not as bad as one thinks. As for the timer... no one says you cannot be surfing the internet in the background OR watching TV!

Worth the $100.00 in my opinion

Thanks for the information.

I completely forgot about Gleim.

Personally, I don't like sitting at the computer (too much) and would like to interact in a classroom sitting (I fly checks at night and am involved with characters on the dark side.....).
I had a friend do one of the weekend ground school refresher courses last month. He thought it was a waste of time. They attended Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm. He said he didn't learn much, and that his instructor didn't have as much experience as he expected. He did get the renewal, but is going to do the online course from now on.

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