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CFI Renewal Process??

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Where's Pancakes House
Nov 26, 2001
Well this is the first time that I have to renew my CFI since it expires in July and I have a couple of questions for those that got it renewed by showing the FAA you have a certain pass rate.

I'm positive I have enough students and a good pass rate to get it renewed. What are the exact numbers the FAA is looking for to renew, I can't quite remember?

My second question is what is the process? When I go to the FSDO in several months, what do I need to bring? What needs to be done beforehand?


Here you go..

Hey Cornelius, whats up!

Heres the info!

Presenting to an authorized FAA Flight Standards Inspector --

(i) A record of training students showing that, during the preceding 24 calendar months, the flight instructor has endorsed at least five students for a practical test for a certificate or rating and at least 80 percent of those students passed that test on the first attempt;

(ii) A record showing that, within the preceding 24 calendar months, the flight instructor has served as a company check pilot, chief flight instructor, company check airman, or flight instructor in a part 121 or part 135 operation, or in a position involving the regular evaluation of pilots; or

(iii) A graduation certificate showing that, within the preceding 3 calendar months, the person has successfully completed an approved flight instructor refresher course consisting of ground training or flight training, or a combination of both.


P.S. Any luck yet??? My interview for allegheny is next week, i also had shuttle america call me, but i dont know if i actually want to go there. im assuming you havent got called yet, because youre renewing your cfi. If you need to refresh, im doing the gleim, its $100, and its easy. Talk to you later!

CFI Renewal

"Walkthesky" beat me to the punch on one of my favorite subjects.

You can renew based on activity with your 80% pass rate. Prepare an 8710. I recommend typing it. Make sure your logbook is in good order with the names, dates, types of endorsements and whether they were passes or failures. Have everything organized and take it to FSDO.

That's how I did it at least a few times with the Scottsdale FSDO. That office always treated me very courteously and professionally. I'd bet that's how it is with the majority of FSDOs. You should have no problem. If you're going to the MCO FSDO, well, that's a horse of a different color.

Hope that helps a little.

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