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CFI Renewal News

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Where's Pancakes House
Nov 26, 2001
I just got my CFI renewed down at DEN FSDO, and I thought I would share how easy the process is to those who have never done it. I typed up a nice looking document showing the names of students I have signed off in the past 24 months along with the outcome of the checkride. I didn't have dates when the students took their ride or their pilot certificate number. The guy who renewed it glanced at the paper and said, "Looks Good" and then handed me an 8710. They don't even keep the documentation, they just take your word for it. Next thing I knew, I had the new tempo CFI certificate.

I know I was thinking about not renewing it because I am too lazy to drive to denver, but I'm glad I did it. Its always a good back up to have even if you do fly for an airline, charter, or corporate.
Sounds like you had a good experience. I once renewed with a sat record of passes, as I had put through 24 ATP's with one failure. The inspector at SDF wanted to make my renewal date the month that I was there, even though it was a couple of months early. He insisted that was the right way to do it, but I asked him to look it up, and I was correct. He also was upset that I had a little notebook with my record of students passing. He said that I was supposed to put that in my logbook. I said that I wasn't aware of a rule that stated how these records were supposed to be kept. Well, I got out of there with the correct renewal, but it was not as pleasant as your experience. So, be sure to know the rules before you visit a FSDO. Good luck.
I was not aware of this logbook rule either, I renewed my CFII about 2 months age and I just followed the guidelines in 61.189 & 61.197. 61.189 (b) "A flight instructor must maintain a record in a logbook or a separate document that contains the following:".
Key word here is "separate document", that could mean anything from a notebook to a piece of toilet paper!!! As long you have name, kind of test, the date, and the results everything should be fine. -YODA

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