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CFI Reissue?

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Mar 9, 2002

I have an expired CFIIME that I would like to renew with the least time and effort (and of course $$) possible. Has anyone done a quickie course (say for the MEI) to get the reissue? My understanding is that you can take any of the rating rides and have all the ratings reinstated at once, so this seems logical. Any thoughts, experiences, suggestions?

CFI reinstatement

First, the bad news. You have to take a practical for your reinstatement, and probably with the FAA and not a DE. That may depend on your friendly local FSDO.

The good news: You can take it in any aircraft in which you are certificated and rated. You are not really taking a rating ride per se, but you are taking a practical. Accordingly, you can take it in something like a 172, which should be relatively inexpensive.

What you can do is take an add-on category practical and renew everything. E.g., let's say you have a Commercial glider rating along with your airplane ratings. You take a glider CFI and you're set.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your reinstatement.
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Not true. It's called a reinstatement, and if you get a new rating, like MEI, it will reinstate your old ratings. You will never again be required to take an initial CFI with a FAA inspector. You can do the new rating with a DE, it doesnt matter. We did them all the time at ATP Inc, and it's probably the easiest one you will ever take. You can also just reinstate the one you have, with a simple checkride. From what i've heard, it won't be nearly as difficult as the initial one was. Good luck.

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