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CFI jobs

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Active member
Jul 21, 2002
I was employed as a flight instructor at Embry Riddle with no prior experience. Right now this industry is in such termoil that yes...even the flight schools are seeking CFI's with experience. Many airline pilots and pilots from all other facets in the industry are seeking jobs. Be patient...the pedelum will swing the other way. The regionals are hiring graduates from aviation universities and they will need to replace those instructors especially when the Fall comes around. Perhaps try them.

So what do ya'll think are the chances of ERAU hiring anybody part-time with no "dual given" this fall? I've got around 500 hrs., some banner towing time....no CFI experience though. Can't go full-time until I graduate from ERAU next April. Put in an app. a month or so ago. I'm staying optimistic after hearing of all the regional hirings, but still anxious to fly!

Just curious, as I heard in the past that things were looking good for the fall...

P.S. Any big changes/news with the new contract?

Thanks for the info!

I don't specifically how many students are enrolled this fall but not all the instructors laid off will come back so i think the chances are good.


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