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CFI jobs in San Fran Bay Area

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Dec 20, 2001
I realize that due to the current industry situation I am probably asking a stupid question here, but if you all don't mind I'll ask anyways. I am currently a CFI fresh off of the checkride who will be receiving my CFII later this spring. Around that time I also intend on moving to the bay area. That leaves my qualifications as of then at about 350 hours and 50 dual given. Are there any FBO's or clubs in the area that would likely offer a guy like myself an entry level CFI position. Thanks in advance for any help that any of you all can provide.
check out

ahart at livermore (KLVK) www.ahart.com

navajo aviation at concord (KCCR) www.navajoaviation.com

american flyers at Hayward (KHWD)

oakland flyers at oakland (KOAK)

many others in San Jose, San Mateo.

be prepared for the highest cost of living in the country.

good luck
I just left the SFO area (Oakland hills) after living there on-and-off for about 2 years for a charter job. The only way you can afford to live out there is probably in East Oakland, Richmond, Martinez, Antioch, Pleasant Hill, Un-Pleasanton, and some other towns. I was able to get a nice apartment with a roomate at 375 dollars each in Walnut Creek.

What part of the bay are you interested in because if you have to go across a bridge then that will give you an extra hour of driving per day. I recommend living in the East Bay and try instructing out at Concord at Navajo Aviation or Pacific States Aviation. Concord doesn't get the fog the airports do, so you'll be flying a lot more out there.

Good Luck!
If you want to fly out of the San Jose area your best bet might be to try Squardon 2 (www.squadron2.com). The aircraft aren't that great (the only good ones are at RHV), but you can freelance and make $30-$40 an hour (some make up to $75). The other FBOs at RHV are not hiring as far as I know. If they are hiring, you will get ~$12-$18 an hour which is NOT a living wage for the South Bay.

If you want to make a livable wage in the Bay Area head to Palo Alto or San Carlos. I would recommend West Valley Flying club (www.wvfc.org), but last time I checked to be a CFI there you would need 1,000 hours Dual given. They only way around that was to get your CFI with the Club. The commute from the South Bay to PAO or SQL will suck but for the money its worth it. I have also heard good things about Diamond Aviation (www.ksql.com) at SQL as well.

In short, I would try PAO and SQL first, then use RHV as a back-up. Good Luck!!!


PS The housing in East Palo Alto might be cheap and close to the field, but you couldn't pay me enough to get me to live there. I say stick with the South Bay for housing, but you are gonna need a roomate. Commuting from the East bay to the South Bay or the Palo Alto area is just nasty.
thanks for the help

Thanks everybody for all the help and advice on this. I got a whole lot more out of this than I expected, so thanks again and good luck to everyone.
Since you got so much out of it, dont forget about a donation if you havent done so already. It's getting down to crunch time.

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