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CFI job advice needed - Will travel -

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Active member
Nov 27, 2001
Hey all,

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been very busy finishing my CFI and I just got it last Thursday. I gave my first dual on Saturday and it was a great feeling. However, I live in the Atlanta area and things here for CFIs are very bleak. The flight school where I did most of my training is not like it used to be. So, I need to find a job where I will be able to bill more than five hours a week.

So, here's the deal: I'm very looking forward to instructing for a while (I have no illusions that this is the only thing I can do right now) and need to find a place where I can bill at least 100 hours a month. meaning, I need to be able to survive off the income (hopefully).

I would prefer either a beach or desert environment. Any suggestions or if anyone knows who is hiring, please let me know.

Livin' the dream,
Not much happening out here in the desert. Soon you won't be able to turn a rock over without finding a CFI under it. Like the weather the job market in Phoenix is dry.
Wiggums is right, my friend.

I called his boss about two months ago, and he didn't return my call.

I drove down to Florida for Sun n Fun, and to check on some of those "beach" schools you asked about. ERAU was laying off. Flight Safety wasn't hiring. A school over at PIE was going to take me on, but on the gorgeous day that I stopped by to talk with the boss, only one out of three instructors was up flying. The other two were standing behind the counter, drinking coffee.

Epic wasn't hiring, but they wanted me to go through their King Air PFT program . Sorry, no dice.

I called about a dozen other places, including ATP's, Comair, American Flyers, etc. Nope.

I got on the web and contacted about twenty or so other schools. Finally, I found a "per-hour" job (the way most schools pay...) near Lancaster, Pa. In three weeks, I gave less than six hours of dual, including an IPC check.

Fortunately, I had already instructed for ten months before Sep.11th., and My total time as an instructor included over 500 hours of dual given and 40 as an MEI.

I was called in April for that Lear job. I was almost ready to go and flip burgers.

Keep looking, and try to exploit whatever other skills you might have to pay the bills. By this time next year, thing won't look so dark.

Keep you chin up.
CFI jobs

Just for grins, FSI in Vero, http://www.flightsafetyacademy.com , but don't expect much.

Why does it have to be the beach or the desert? The more spam you send to more locations, the better your chances.

I found this page, http://www.narrows.com/aviation/fltschools.htm , which is chock full of schools. Of course, the information may be out of date. Check them out, look for good addresses, start printing resumes and cover letters, sign 'em, stuff 'em into envelopes, stamp 'em and mail 'em. Keep a list of who've you sent materials and follow up in five to six weeks. Send updated resumes and cover letters as you build time. Hand-deliver materials, too. Eventually, you'll hear from someone, and when that someone calls, so will others.

One other suggestion: Look in some of the rags like Air Jobs Digest and Trade-a-Plane. Most of the time, they're worthless, but I got my first job by responding to an ad in Air Jobs Digest that Riddle put in for instructors. I wouldn't spend the money to subscribe, but copies of both always seem to be in FBO lounges.

Good luck with your job search.
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