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Jeff Russell

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Dec 29, 2001
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Hey All,

I'm currently in training for my CFI Airplane. I am looking for as much information that I can get my hands on! Please point me to your favorite web sites!




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Nov 25, 2001
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Just put your heart into it and don't just instruct to build time. Push your students, you might save their lives one day.


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Dec 3, 2001
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this is a good page with some pointers

and use this checklist before you go good luck

Check List for Eligibility & Prerequisites for CFI Initial Flight Test:
___ OMB Authorized FAA Form 8710.1 (with a DOT Seal and printed two sides on one sheet) (See special instructions on page 2 of: Oct, ’99 issue of “Examiner Update” newsletter)
___ Signature plus Printed name & phone number of Recommending CFI on top of rear page.
___ Recommending CFI must be qualified to recommend. 61.195 (h)(2)
___ Applicant has current Photo ID which shows physical address (two IDs if non-US citizen)
___ Pilot Certificate (appropriate to aircraft being used for this flight test)
___1. Commercial or ATP w/ category & class rating 61.183 (c)(1)
___2. Instrument rating (not req’d for FI-Rotorcraft or Glider) 61.65 (a)(1)
___ Medical certificate - (third class minimum) 61.23 (c) & 61.39 (a)(4)
___ Minimum age - 18 61.183 (a)
___ English Language (read, speak, write, & understand) 61.183 (b)
___ Knowledge Test Results (or 141 School Grad’ Cert) 61.185 (a) & 61.39 (a)
___1. Fundamentals Of Instruction (FOI) exception à 61.185 (b)
___2. Flight Instructor, Airplane (FIA)
___ Bring All Pilot Logbooks to Flight Test 61.51 (a) (1)
___1. 15 hours as PIC in category & class 61.51 (b) & 61.183 (j)
___2. Qualified to act as PIC? (Recency of experience?) 61.51 (b) & 61.57 (a)
___3. Qualified to act as PIC? (Flight Review – “BFR”?) 61.56 (c)(1) and (2)
___4. Instrument PIC Recency? (if necessary this flight) 61.51 (g) & 61.57 (c)
___5. Flight Proficiency Endorsement - ( < 60 days ) 61.187 (a)
* ___6. Aeronautical Knowledge Endorsement - 61.183 (d) & 61.185 (a) or (b)
* (did the Authorized Instructor enter & sign in Logbook the Ground Training req’d by 61.51(b)(1)?)
___7. Spin endorsement - (to Instructional Proficiency) 61.183 (i)(1)
___8. Complex aircraft endorsement - 61.31 (e) (1) or (2)
___9. High Performance endorsement - (if applicable) 61.31 (f) (1) or (2)
__10. Tailwheel aircraft endorsement - (if applicable) 61.31 (i) (1) or (2)
__11. Pressurized aircraft endorsements - (if applicable) 61.31 (g) (1) & (2) or (3)
___ Required equipment: Airworthy Aircraft with dual controls (shoulder harness preferred)
Aircraft Documents --(A R R O W)
___(a) Airworthiness certificate
___(b) Registration certificate
___(c) Radio Station License (required only if outside 48 states)
___(d) Operating limitations
___(e) Weight & Balance
Aircraft / Engine(s) / Prop’(s) Maintenance Records- 91.213 (a) (c) or (d)
___(a) Logbook record of airworthiness inspections
___(b) Current record of compliance with all Airworthiness Directives
___ Bring copy of POH or AFM to Oral Exam (including copy of current Weight & Balance data)
___ Headset, other Personal Equipment & Flight Instructor “Tools of the Trade”
___(a) View limiting device 61.45 (d)(2)
___(b) Current aeronautical charts (including IFR charts only if necessary).
___(c) Computer & plotter
___(d) Electronic Calculator (if desired)
___(e) Flight logs; blank Flight Plan forms; & blank Weight & Balance forms
___(f) Practical Test Standard
___(g) Current AIM, A/FD, AIM, FARs, and ACs including AC-61-65D.
___(h) Model airplane for classroom instruction demonstrations (or use hands).
___ Bring an extensive written Weather briefing to be used in the oral exam (AO III, task B)
(DUAT, Internet or Computerized Weather or a thorough handwritten AFSS briefing) (which includes METAR, TAF, local observations, term forcasts, notams, pireps, etc).
___ WX training aids for your own use? -- Bring a reference list of common:)


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Nov 26, 2001
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Read, live and breathe the FOI (Aviation Instructors Handbook). The FOI are principles to live by as an instructor. Apply them. They really do work.

Read and study thoroughly the Flight Training Handbook, Instrument Flying Handbook, and Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. William K. Kershner's books are also great to read, especially if you have a math background. Get Kershner's The Flight Instructor's Handbook, ISBN: 0813806348. You should be able to find these books at any of the online bookstores or even at an FBO.

Good luck with your training.
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Dec 23, 2001
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get the gleim's CFI publication, it has everythign you need.


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Dec 5, 2001
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Hey Jeff,
I am working on my CFI as well here in Pensacola. I have made it through stage 1 in the 141 syllabus, and now I have to put my lesson plans together. Have you started that yet? You should get a three ring binder and start with a section on lessons, then requirements for rec pilot, private, instrument, comm, ATP, and the last section should be on endorsements.THe FAA has a download avialable 61-65D. Good stuff.
I am looking for information on lesson content. I have a tendency to put too much information in a lesson.



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Dec 1, 2001
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Web Sites for CFI's and CFI Wannabe's

Excellent source of information for those developing lesson plans. It's kind of like an online Airplane flying handbook and Pilot's handbook of aeronautical knowledge combined and condensed. Lots of practical information.

Lesson plans on various flight maneuvers

Private, Instrument and Commercial lesson plans

Rules Of Thumb - Practical information that will assist you in teaching good piloting procedures and skills

The latest and most up to date FAR's right from the FAA

Online Aeronautical Information Manual

Online Pilot/Controller Glossary

Practical test standards

Online Airport Facility Directory

Flight Instructor Endorsements

Aviation and Aerospace Virtual Library