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CFI in San Diego

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I'm a CFI in San Diego and I don't know of anyone who is hiring.

If you can drive to Oceanside I know Sea Winds seems like they are always picking people up. I know of 2 guys who got hired there a couple of months ago (post 9/11).

If you are savy you can try and freelance over at Gibbs. It is competitive though.

Good luck and I'll see you in the crowded practice areas!
American Flyers had an ad in the Sunday San Diego Union last week. They were looking for CFI's. Also, I have heard that San Diego Flight Training Int. might be hiring. If you're a half way decent Instructor, you should be able to do quite well at Mongomery or Palomar going Part 61.

Hope this helps....
Scandanavian Airline Academy

I have no first-hand knowledge of the place, but I've heard the Scandanavian Airline Academy, http://www.scanavia.com/introFrame.html, is an alright place. My CE-500 examiner may be the examiner there and he's a terrific guy. Might be worth an e-mail or phone call.
San Diego Flight Training is not hiring.

The best way to break into the lucrative San Diego CFI scene is to start freelancing out of Gibbs Flying Service. If any of the local 141 schools are hiring you will find out by word of mouth or see it posted up at Gibbs.

Rumor has it Westwind is opening a big satalite campus sometime in the near future out at Gillespie Field in San Diego. 20 airplanes 30+ CFI jobs.
MYFpilot are you a freelance CFI out of Gibbs? If so how much are you flying over there lately?
For qwerty:

I'm not a freelancer. I do however, work at a 141 school here in San Diego. I average about 60 - 70 hours a month working about 5 days a week. I can't speak for anybody pimpin at Gibbs, but I bet the fellas who have charm and hustle can do about the same.

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