CFI, CFII, Multi with GI Bill???


Nov 24, 2001
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Hi, a few questions:

I'm an A-10 pilot, actually been on a staff job for two years, but flying 152/172's for the past year to keep my "sanity" and air sense. I have a commercial, multi (limited to centerline thrust), instrument, and private pilot ratings.

I am interested in working on my civilian ratings and hoping with my military experience, I could do this in the shortest and most cost effective method. I have the Mongomery GI bill, and I live in Fredericksburg, VA, so I'm curious if there is any place I can go to get my ratings and how much it may cost.

Secondly, I'm concerned in that I haven't flown instruments in a while, and when I did, it was with a HSI/ADI and not VOR's!!! I don't know anything about NDB's either.

I've heard of some 14 day schools where you get your CFI, CFII, Multi for whatever the price. Welp, are there any of these schools that you can do this via the GI Bill, and what's the end cost for me?

Is there a refresher or prep course as I haven't flown instruments in a while, and I really don't want to with VOR's! :) I don't plan to fly instruments (IFR) in the 152/172, but just want to get my ratings. I ultimately, some day (in prep for the Airlines) will work on the ATP etc. But for now, I just want the CFI to give free training to my local friends/coworkers.

Any advice/info is greatly appreciated.


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Nov 26, 2001
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A couple of suggestions, the selection of which would be governed by the size of your budget and the quality of training you want or think you need. More than likely, you will have to go to a 14 CFR 141 school to use your G.I. Bill benefits.

Sheble Aviation, , will get you all of your CFI ratings in a couple of weeks. You have to take and pass the three writtens beforehand. You can also get your ATP while you're there. I'd recommend that you get your ATP for the time you separate and start sending out those airline apps. I got my ATP at Sheble's thirteen years ago when he was in Blythe, California. The place certainly will not remind you of UPT in any way. It is extremely informal. Cost for all three CFI ratings is something like $7.6K. I didn't think it was so expensive. His MEI course, at $1.9K, in and of itself, seems rather pricey. But, the place is fast. You'll have to ask them about using the G.I. Bill.

Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma, , is supposed to be pretty good. I remember the place vaguely from when I lived in Oklahoma City. The CFI-I is $5K. I like that it has Part 141 self-examining authority; therefore, G.I. Bill should be no problem.

I worked at FlightSafety in Vero ten years ago. You can get all your CFI ratings there. Training quality is unmatched, but, as always, a lot depends on your instructor. The place will certainly work with you on instrument currency. I recall that FlightSafety was good at working on financial aid issues for students.

For that matter, any of the major schools will work with you for what you need.

Don't forget, you can get your ratings at a good local FBO and maybe shave some off the cost. And, you can always find a flight instructor who will be willing to get you up to speed on instruments and sign off an IPC.

Once again, you probably need to take a 14 CFR 141 course to use your G.I. Bill benies.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your CFI.
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Feb 20, 2002
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The VA is now reimbursing some written AND practical test fees. I have not looked past CFI, but I know that for a fact that they will reimburse to that point (up to $500 for the ride and $100 for the written). Look on for more info

All work with the VA must be at a part 141 school to get the 60% paid for. They also want a class II medical.


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Jul 17, 2002
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I just did my CFI/CFII/MEI at Airman in Norman, OK. It took about 2.5 weeks and cost $6.5K. Good training and the price includes the three written tests. They do take GI bill but I don't know the details. Of course, it is a really good idea to be instrument current (proficient, actually) before you go. Military instructor experience did help but only because I already kind of knew how to teach. Good luck!