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CFI and FOI written questions

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Registered lUser
Dec 5, 2005
Hey guys and gals,

I took my CFI and FOI over 2 years ago, so they have both expired. I will be retaking it again in a couple months, but I was just wondering if the FAA usually updates their questions, or does it pretty much stay the same? The reason I ask is becuase I still have my red Gleim prep books from 2001-2002. Do I need to buy the most recent additions or are the ones I have now perfectly fine to use? Ditto about the Instrument Rating Gleim prep book, as I will also be banging out my CFII written as well.

Happy (con)trails
I'd just get the FAA pubs (Instructor handbook, PHAK, Airplane flying handbook, Instrument procedures (and flying) handbooks).

All of the questions come from there (for the most part).

Study the gliem and those books as necessary (i.e. Instructor handbook for FOI, Instrument for FII, etc.).

The FOI is a pretty easy test...FII is just the instrument written and the FIA is decent....Commercial written with endorsement questions.

I'm sure you'll be alright. Good luck!

95% of the questions are the same, the only major difference is the order of the answer will be different.

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