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Cessna in Florida goes downon highway!

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Dec 1, 2001
Anyone else hear about this? A Cessna landed on a highway in Florida (I'm not sure what city) with minimal damage to the left wing and no injuries. Does anyone know why it went down? I'm guessing it was an engine failure and the wing damage was caused on the ground, but the leading edge of the wing was the only thing damaged so I'm wondering if it wasn't a bird strike. From the aerial pictures it looked like a 152...but it may have been a 172.
It was a C-152 type. He ran out of gas. The pliot was also on TV saying that someone stole his fuel. The air/sea recovery people were there and drained the tanks before dismantling the a/c and there was about a gallon or so left in the a/c.

I just couldn't belive that the guy was on the news claiming that someone stole his fuel, like it wasn't his fault. no wonder insurance rates are high.


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