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Cessna 421/414 Pay

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Well-known member
Dec 16, 2001
I have an offer to fly a 421 or 414 (owner hasn't decided on which one to buy yet) corporate in the Raleigh, NC area and was wondering what the average pay for this would be. The company who is offering me this job use to have a Bonanza that I flew for them and then they bought a Barron to repalce it, but had to sell the Barron only two months later so I got laid off. When I started in the Bonanza I was making $25,000 a year which wasn't bad for a Bonanza. When I got offered the job back they only want to pay me 25,000 for the 421/414 though which I thought was low so I told them they would have to pay me $35,000 to do it. The schedule will be about 15 days flying a month, but being on call almost all the time. At the present time I am flying night freight in a Cessna 207 and ocasionally in a 402 making almost $30,000 a year and living with my parents for free. I am also furloughed from a 121 regional which the rumors are of a call back anywhere from 6months to a year and I do plan on going back. I am just looking to see if $35,000 is about right for a 421/414 captin or if I am high or low on that number and any other advice you would have. Sorry about the bad gramer and spelling.
I would say $35,000 - $40,000 would be about right... I am sure there are guys out there making more or less than this flying the same equipment...

Remember shoot high, you can always come down....

Good Luck and Fly Safe!
Most of the 402 driver's out in SoCal are getting $ 125/ day which comes out to $30,000 /yr if you work 20 days a month so I think you're in the ballpark.