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Cessna 414 Pay

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Nov 25, 2001
I did a search and found some good information on Cessna 400 series pay, however, I want to see if anyone has any additional information.

Situation: An old military friend is leaving the mililtary in a couple of months, and he has an opportunity to fly a 414 for a small textile company in the Southeast, when he returns from overseas. They expect to fly no more than 3 trips per week. He has an ATP and they will pay for Flight Safety. For lack of a better term, he will be a dedicated contract pilot. He will be on a one hour call out during week days. There will be some weekend trips, but they will be planned well in advance. He will also be responsible for cleaning the airplane, inside and out as needed. He will also manage the maintenance contract, (whatever that means).

He plans to ask for $300 per day, with one day per week guaranteed, and $25 per day per diem. Based on what I've seen, that may be a little high for the Southeast. WHAT SAY YOU?

in 2002, in the southeast, i had a contract for 250/day, 4 days guaranteed, with 2 paid weeks off. no per diem, just company credit card. 300/ day sounds good, and the only real reason i did it for 250 was the 4 day guarantee. hope that helps.

easyaZZ airplane to fly and mine was TRICKED out better than if "pimp my ride" had hit it.

i did manage the mtc for the plane, which was a no brainer. i liked that, as i had total control over who worked on the plane. additionally there was nobody to second guess me when i said things needed to be worked on.

with regard to cleaning, i did light polishing on chrome and cleaned the interior after flights, but had it "detailed" once monthly by local wash and wax man.

i was on a 2 hour call 24-7, but no real weird stuff ever came up. 99% of trips were scheduled in advance by atleast a few days.

oh, and the owner paid for flight safety, and i had the latitude to use the airplane for proficiency purposes as i saw fit.

again, i hope this helps.

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Thanks Casper, your post was very helpful.

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