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Centurion Domicile Question

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Sir Innocenti

Well-known member
Sep 18, 2002
Hi All:
Ive heard 2 conflicting answers...Does Centurion home base or is it only a MIA base? Thanks to all who share....
Centurion life

What's the latest news over at Centurion? Is there any forecast for hiring? Is it commutable or do you have to live in MIA?
What's a typical schedule like there?

Thanks for the info in advance!

As long as you live in Miami then it's considered "home based".

The airline is NOT commutable.
When I was there a few years ago the typical schedule was basically no schedule. You flew out and backs, mostly to South America. I did spend 5 whole days once in Luxembourg, but that was about it. (There was an overnight in Santiago, and once the airplane broke in Bogota, so I guess that counted as an overnight)

The South America trips, mostly to Bogota, were out and back within 8 hours or so. So no "2 week on, 2 week off" type schedule. Hence, not commutable.

It's possible things have changed somewhat over the past 4 years, but my friends still in the company say that things pretty much stayed the same.

If you happen to live in Cuba, er Miami, and English is your second language, it's not a bad place to be.

For what its worth.

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