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New member
Feb 4, 2002
I see that if you write bad things about ALPA on this board you get censored. I guess this board sucks just as much as ALPA does.
I'm gonna assume that you are the author of the post titled "ALPA sucks", which seems to have been deleted. It's pretty obvious that you were attempting to be intentionally inflammatory by your choice of titles. I noteced also that you (if it was indeed you) registered a new profile solely for posting the "ALPA Sucks" post. ie: registration date, feb 20002, total posts 1. In other words, you kew that you were just trying to stir up trouble and didn't want it to be associated with your usual profile. I'm not opposed to "spirited" exchanges, but if the moderators want to delete such obvious firestarters, I certainly support them. If you have a real criticism about ALPA policies, feel free to express them maturely. I think that you will find that your opinions are allowed to remain on the board.

NOT Censorship

Jman, you're misunderstanding something. This board is private property and they have every right to control it's content, like it or not. Everyone has a right to an opinion but not to post it on private property.

You are exactly correct! I can't believe you were smart enough to see through all the smoke and mirrors. Congratulations!

Now then, what is the web address for your board? You know, the one you administrate so as to not succumb to this whole censorship thing!

Anyone, anyone??? Bueller?


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