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CE525 Type

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The 3 best types (for diversity) in my opinion are the LR-JET, CE-500, CE-525. With those 3 types you can fly about 20 different aircraft
Got recurrent (C-525S) in March. Always get the 61.58 at recurrent and they said it was no longer required. They had a letter from FAA to back this up.
If there's one thing I've found, its don't believe ANYTHING that comes from a Part 142 training center instructor on the topic of operating single-pilot jets....in my experience they (as a collective) don't know what the hell they're talking about.

I'd be really curious to see what's in this alleged letter...because such a letter would have have to be an FAA Chief Counsel interpretation waiving the requirements of 61.58 for (S) typed pilots operating as a crew.
Hey aren't you on the TBM700 now?

Haha yeah and a KA200. But as long as I'm flying props I'm going to complain about not flying jets. Likely when I start flying jets I'll complain about not flying props because the schedule sucks or something...

Come on I'm a pilot. Got to complain about something :D

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