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CE 501 FJ44 Williams Conversion

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I'd give then engine manufacture a call and see if they offer a power-by-the hour plan. And also call JSSI. The latter outfit seems to offer quite a few engine and airframe plans.
We paid around 239/Hour for JSSI on FJ44's awhile ago... As far as operating cost go I am not real sure as it would depend on your airframe & fixed costs (1 vs 2 pilots, etc)...

My guess is around $1700-1900 / hour if you fly around 300 hrs a year but there are just way too many variables to be real accurate in guessing your operating costs.
conversions a million bucks when its all said and done. is it really worth it? might as well just sell the plane as is and spend the million you were gonna spend on the conversion and upgrade to something with far better performance
I'm curious how the FJ44 conversions on old C-500/550's will fare, as the CJ2/3 used market matures. There's got to be a price point where getting a later model airframe makes more sense.

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