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CE-500 Type Rating

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mooney flier

Well-known member
Dec 16, 2001
What different types of Citations am I allowed to fly with the basic CE-500 type rating? What is the FAR reference to find that info?

You can fly the Citation 1, 2, s2, Ultra and Encore. Unless you have an SP on your Type Rating, you cannot fly single pilot.

I asked this same question when I got my CE500 type in December of 1999 at FSI Toledo. Hopefully this is 100% accurate. With regard to an FAR to check this...don't know if there is one. :) Call FSI and ask them if you want to verify.

CE500 is a great type to have. Lots of them out there and they are easy to fly.
falconpileit, you are correct. The CE500 type rating covers the straight V as well as the Ultra/Encore. The only 500-series planes not covered on the CE500 type are the CJ series and Excel.


Only one missing from previous posts is the Bravo.

All together:

Citation I, II, SII, V, Bravo, Ultra, & Encore
The V

Yes, sorry I didnt mention the V. The V and the Ultra are almost identical...with the exception of the P1000 avionics.

Here is the list of Citation Type ratings as I understand them.

CE500= all those that w8t4swa posted
CE525=CJ1 and CJ2
CE650=the 3, 6 and 7
CE750=the big bad 10

CE680 will be the Sovereign.

The Cessna SST will be announced. CE Mach2.


Did I miss any?
just a minor point...the CE525 covers the straight CJ as well as the CJ1 and CJ2 - there are three of 'em...

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