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CD Pairings at Comair

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treetop flyer

Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Just wondering if any Comair Pilots could give an example of a typical (if there is such a thing!) CD Pairing...Thanks!!!
cd trips

Report at 10pm, Depart at 11. Fly until 12. Hotel by 12:30, Sleep until 5 am, Report at 5:30 am. Depart at 6:30 am. Land at 7:30 a. Home and getting ready for a nap at 8 am. Figure on getting 4-6 hours of sleep average (depending on which trip). For the most part, we do this 3 nights on (last month was different with the trips broken up more ---2 on, 1 off, 1 on, 3 off, 1 on, 2 off etc, which supposedly was due to month having a weird number of days (???). With the 3 on, a commuter can be home by 12, have the whole day, the next two days, and most of the next day off before he commutes back in. Basically 3 nights in a hotel, 3 nights in your on bed. You fly with the same captain for the month. Naturally some trips get more sleep, some more flight time, etc depending on which one you choose.
CD means

Continous Duty....bottom line from example above...if you don't get to depart at 11 or don't get in till 3:30 AM....since your duty day of 16 hours has not expired...you don't need any rest before you return in the morning....legal but clearly dangerous....in too many cases.....airlines love to do this for places like Boston, LGA, and other airports that are always get backed up....

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