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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Well after receiving my furlough letter yesterday telling me to return all of my company issued items by April 16th I was sad. Then, after a phone call to Ed Timberlake inquiring about what exactly I had to return he tells me that those furloughs are put off until May 1st. That's good because at least for two weeks I get my year seniority up in pay and get voted into ALPA (hopefully). Now my question is this. Why would they rescind (sp?) for only two weeks? Does management think that they will get more votes by having more junior people eligible when they "sweeten the pot" on the next proposal? I for one am sick and tired of being in the middle of a management/ALPA tug of war. I'm undecided on how I would vote but if I can manage a comparable paying job in the next few months I'm OUT! All I think we need is some sort of contract match with Mesa. We take what they have now and when they negotiate a new contract we match it. Plain and simple with one flaw. JO doesn't have us competing against each other for flying. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm going gray too early.

Unfortunately, you work for a person, J.O., who thinks Part 23 and 25 turboprop a/c should operate under FAR Part 135. He will take advantage of you if he can. When he took over Mesa, he found a way to force out most of the senior management and put in his own hand picked people. Also, at that same time, when Mesa was short pilots, he was asking anyone with a 737 type rating if they wanted to go overseas and fly for Virgin.

After Mesa bought CC Air, J.O. said "lets play" but when the pilots said "not by your rules" , he "took back his ball and pouted". I'm glad you guys told him no again. I can tell you from direct experience, he did try to play you guys off the Mesa pilots three years ago.

Good luck

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