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CAUTION: If you are planning on commuting on JETBLUE Jan. 29th!!!

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646 3A
Aug 6, 2004
Gentlemen...and ladies.

Hopefully most of you may have had a "headsup" from your company regarding riding on us...Jetblue...during the weekend of Jan. 29th - Feb 2. I know JB has reached out to most carriers about the following:

We are changing our res./crewtrac system to SABRE this weekend. Expect longer than normal lines at ticket counters and gate counters for check-in. If you can avoid us for this coming weekend for commuting, please DO avoid. We are hoping for a fairly smooth change over....but....it's not just the program, but ALL gate agent's new knowledge...and we'll all be freshmen on the first day.

I just wanted to give you a heads up for commuting or booty-call flights incase you didn't already know. Things may be easier at outstation airports like RIC, and...of course...more gummed up at major ones...JFK, MCO...ect. I'd hate for anyone of you guys to get stuck because you didn't know.

IF you must travel on JB...make sure to make extra time, get there early and have a plan B and C. Things should be ironed out as the days tick on.

Take care.
We can still j/s though? Just not able to call the nonrev line? What's the backup procedure...get j/s at ticket counter or at the gate?
It's not just that the non-rev line doesn't work. It's that as much as they've planned ahead of time, with the new reservation software they know they can't cover every contingency and aren't sure what will happen when they flip the switch. So you may not be able to even be put into the computer and put on the airplane. I'm sure that every JetBlue employee will do whatever they can to get all jumpseaters on, but there are no guarantees. Just don't plan on using JB as your only option to get around.

Show up waaaay early for the flight so the agents have as much time as possible to try to work out any problems that come up. Hopefully after a day or two it will not be an issue at all.
Just got on a flight between JFK-MCO. Relatively easy. Just took a little bit longer. Customer Service/Gate Agents were very helpful and kind. Thanks JB guys/gals.

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