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Cathay Pacific? Anyone? Beuler?

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Jul 17, 2005
Anyone have any hiring information on Cathay Pacific? Are they interviewing? Pay scale? I have been to the company website, and it actually sounds like a good program they have going...but it doesn't give a lot of specifics...intentionally? I am separating from Active Duty military and would like to continue to serve in the guard and/or reserve...does Cathay Pacific have a favorable military leave policy? I appreciate the help on this one...Thanks!!!
Try the seach function. I am fairly certain you will find the answers to your questions there. Also, take a look at www.pprune.com . Look under the "Fragrant Harbor" forums. They are for Cathay related info only. Good luck.
Don't know about the hiring, but if you do get an interview make sure you get ahold of this book: HANDLING THE BIG JETS by D.P. Davies. I hear the entire tech-interview is based on this book. Hope this helped you out.
Good day Leon,

We do not grant any military leave for US servicemen. Even if you are USA based, it is still a Foreign company, therefore Ops. managment are not required to grant any military leave for any foreign countries. If you are still interested in a career with CX, you will be required to fulfill your military requirments on your own personal time around your duty roster.

I'm sorry. But it is still not a bad place to work.

Good luck, and we are currently recruiting.
If you have a few minutes, Bjammin will be along shortly to explain why there is no greater place to work on the planet.
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Good luck. I applied to CX via email and hard-copy over the past 6 months, but thus far I have only received a PRN, meaning that they have my information on file.

Not sure what it takes to get a call right now. PPrunE is a good place for lots of information on them, and it would be an interesting job to say the least. I've got roughly the same time you do, with some T-38 time tossed in, so I am not sure if we're competitive there right now. Awful lot of high-time guys suddenly willing to relocate, you know?

If you come across the secret handshake, send it my way.

As center said they are not required to give you any sort of leeway for the reserves. If you get into a flexibale unit, usually filled with airline pilots, the unit will work around your airline schedule. As an FO with Cathay you get 42 days of leave per year and can request certain days off if you put in the request early enough. This will allow you to make any mandatory drill days you need. Make sure you have very little chance of being called to active duty because the company has ZERO obligation to have a job for you when you get back. A training command slot is perfect.

As far as the company itself goes, it is a very good place to work. However, you must be prepared for the shock of going from military to international, heavy flying. It won't be as bad for you after C-130's, but for a single seat guy it continues to be a huge eye opener. Almost nothing from the military translates, but if you get the chance to fly here the pay is awesome, Hong Kong ROCKS, the 744 is amazing, and the people here are fantastic. The training was very straight foward and the instructors very pataint for the most part. I'm based in LA and am moving to San Deigo. I could stay in LA as long I want, but the best pay and trips are out of Hong Kong so a move here is on the books after my freighter "tour", can't wait.

Be prepared for a very hard interview and a long training cycle, but the it is VERY much worth it.

Cathay is recruiting like mad as center said so get your package in.
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