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Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendant - San Francisco Base

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Well-known member
Jan 9, 2004
Re-posted with permission from www.AviaNation.com jobs board:

Company Name: Cathay Pacific Airways
Position: Flight Attendant - San Francisco Base Description: "Providing Service Straight From the Heart" - this is what
we offer to our passengers, and what our Flight Attendants
proudly deliver. A Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant is a very
special person: a trained safety officer, a caring team
player and an ambassador for Hong Kong.

It's definitely not a regular, "uniform" job. Since the
founding of our company in 1946, we now serve over 90
destinations worldwide. Yet our goals - anticipating and
responding to passengers' needs quickly, together with a
genuine concern for their safety and comfort, have not
changed. We are constantly seeking very special people to
join our distinguished team.

Join the team that has made Hong Kong's own airline an
international leader in the aviation business. We need
talented and committed service minded people who can
apply their own special skills to help keep us flying high. A
Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant is a very special person: an
ambassador, a safety expert and a caregiver. If you've
always dreamed of a high-flying career, here is your
chance. Join the team. Share the dream.

Perhaps you are one of the multi-talented people we need
to provide our passengers with our excellent level of
safety,comfort and service. We're looking for individuals
with a warm, caring and pleasant personality who can
demonstrate empathy in service with people from a variety
of cultures and countries. If you are service orientated with
excellent communication and interpersonal skills, this
could be the job for you. You'll make long-lasting
friendships on your way to becoming an important
member of our team.

Our intensive training program covers the technical and
service aspects of flying. The practical sessions in an
aircraft mock-up will teach you how to think and react
quickly and turn problems into opportunities. In addition,
the training will enhance your interpersonal skills and help
you to grow as a person.

To become a Flight Attendant with Cathay Pacific:

You must be educated to high school level or higher
You must have US citizenship or resident status or the
right to live and work in the United States
You must be 19 years of age or above with a minimum
overhead arm reach of 81.9 inches
You must be fluent in written and spoken English and be
fluent in one of the following languages: Cantonese,
Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, or Japanese
Previous experience in the service industry is preferable

We Care About You

At Cathay Pacific, our primary focus is on safety and
customer service. We operate one of the youngest fleets in
the airline industry - over 90 aircraft, including the most
advanced models made by Boeing and Airbus. In order to
become completely conversant with all aircraft technical
and safety procedures, new Flight Attendants will begin by
undertaking an intensive 6-week training programme.
Practical sessions take place in an aircraft mock-up. Each
team of flight attendants must not only perform numerous
routine technical and safety procedures before every take-
off, but also review all passenger-service related tasks,
and ensure that all necessary items for the flight are on
board and properly stowed. Flight Attendants practise
dealing with all kinds of passenger-service situations,
including every possible emergency contingency. After
joining our team, you will learn how to think on your feet, be
sensitive to the needs of others, and to quickly turn
problems into opportunities.

More importantly, the demands of the job and the
multicultural team environment contribute significantly to
your personal growth. You will also make long-lasting
friendships with colleagues from all over the world. In
addition, the skills you develop in problem-solving and
building teamwork will make you even more mature and
independent. This kind of personal development is truly
invaluable. To provide "Service Straight From the Heart"
means always responding to passengers in a warm,
friendly and professional manner. Can you keep smiling
and appear professional at 3am? Are you eager to go to
work when everyone else is going to bed? Can you remain
calm when you encounter difficult situations and
demanding passengers? Are you prepared to work on
public holidays, during weekends and special occasions?
If you answered "Yes" to all of the above questions, this
could be the perfect job for you.

A Career that Goes a Long Way

At Cathay Pacific Los Angeles and San Fransico Cabin
Crew bases, our cabin crew fly our California to Hong
Kong route. Your flying schedules are calculated in flying
hours, for which you receive hourly rates and overtime, and
we provide hotel accommodations and outport allowances
while you are away from home.

After gaining experience in working in Economy Class,
Flight Attendants move on to serve in Business and First
Class. Promotion is based on individual performance.

Your career follows this path:
Flight attendant - Flight Purser - Senior Flight Purser -
Inflight Services Manager.

In your career as a Flight Attendant, you become entitled to
a range of benefits, including competitive pay based on
flying hours, and 21 days of annual leave. You also
become eligible for discounted travel, medical coverage,
retirement benefits and participating in comprehensive
insurance schemes. Plus, you get to explore a world of
amazing sights and experiences when you fly with us!

To apply, please send your resume quoting "Application
for Flight Attendant - SFO Base" to:
[email protected]

Email: [email protected] URL: http://www.cathaypacific.com/cpa/en...efID=dd2763e826aad010VgnVCM32000011d21c39____

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