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Catering Guy in Philly Setting the Example...

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Well-known member
Jun 15, 2005
We all know the horror stories about philly's ramp, but the new contract catering guy is on top of his game. The other day he marshalled us in and parked us, chalked us, put on our prop tie, and had us catered a good five minutes before we saw our gate agent or any signs of an official ramper. He is really setting the example down there, good to see something possitive on that ramp. Here's to you, mister contract catering guy!:beer:
Does he look exactly like the guy in the SoloFlex commercials from the 90's? If so that would be the same guy who used to do the "commuter world" contract catering in DCA. That guy used to bust is a$$. No wonder he was in such good shape.
Frank really does do a bang up job... It is indeed refreshing to see some hustle out on the PHL ramp. With that said, my last few times through philly I was impressed with the rampers in general, meaning they were there to marshall me in, the bags came off and went on in a reasonable amount of time and the gate agents were at least present, if not freindly or helpful.

Maybe things are looking up?
we came into philly the other day and had SF on the jump seat along with almost the entire PDT management in the back, when we pulled up we had 6 rampers waiting for us....2 guys marshalling us in, 2 wings walkers and 2 people "supervising".......we told SF that he needed to ride with us on all the legs that day, cuz we have never seen service like that in philly....he said he knew what it was really like:beer:
LowlyPropCapt said:
Maybe things are looking up?
I would say there is an ocassional glimmer of hope, but no real improvement. Last week after a DH on air whiskey, there was nobody around to get the carry-ons out of the back of the RJ. After about 15 minutes of waiting, the captain came off the plane and asked if I would help him get the bags out of the back. The passengers were not impressed at the pilots boosting each other into the back of the plane to get their luggage. Once in a while they do a good job, but that is definately not the norm.

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