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CASS Question??

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commuting sucks
Sep 28, 2003
To all:

Being new to CASS.... What are the standard procedures to use CASS, other than a passport? Are they the same at other carriers with CASS?

Do you need to list, create a PNR, call a specific 800#, prior to showing at the gate, etc.......

What does your airline want OAL pilots to do? And what is the specific number to list if you need to?

Especially AA, Delta, and NWA......

Thanks everyone
I am certain your jumpseat coordinator can answer those questions for you.

Not meant to be rude in any way, but it is safety sensitive info.
pnjohn75, I'm still unsure about these things myself. If I knew, I'd be happy to post it here.

Dizel8 and FL280, If the CASS system is secure as it is intended, basic knowledge, like how to list for a flight, will not in any way compromise security. CASS was designed to preclude anyone from getting into a cockpit unless they can be verified as current 121 pilot. pnjohn wasn't asking how CASS works, he's asking how to simplify his jumpseat experience. Chill out.

As a CSR for HP I can tell you that all I need from you (if jumpseating with us) is your company ID...Your airline has to also be actively using the system. I just enter your airline code and id number and the computer does the rest and it prints out an ok that you are an active pilot with the carrier..Other than that it is to be handled as any other time you have jumpseated (walk up to the gate and fill out the JS form)

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