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Casino Express

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Well-known member
Apr 7, 2005
Not sure where this thread belongs but, does anyone know what is going on at Casino Express, I heard they were bought by someone and doing a bit of expanding.

Any current pilots care to chime in?

Thanks alot!
so what is life like there? and if they are hiring, what is the best way to get there attention?

Thanks again
Yep. Im based in Elko for Casino Express. We were bought (minority interest) a few months ago. We do have some growth. There are some new bases opening up soon, although we arent sure yet of which ones will come to fruition. Any Independence Air people interested pm me, let me know whats up there. I was hired 3/01 at indy, then was gonna be furloughed in march 05, resigned to go to Casino Express. One Indy Air guy was hired for Oct class. Love it here.
Hey fandango,

I was hired at Indy 04/02, then the furloughs. I was just wondering about the quality of life over there (days off, commuting, etc). Got the 73 type March of last year...glad to hear an Indy guy doing well!


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