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CARRY-ON LUGGAGE - best to buy??

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Jan 16, 2002
flightinfo.com members,

Looking to buy the best piece of carry-on luggage.

Will be working for a fractional.

Will have a sked of 7/7.

SSSSSSSoooooooooooooo, looking for the biggest and best "legal" carry-on to commute.

Can't beat the Purdy Neat Things bags for strength, size, features. They will last forever, literally. Would not recommend Travel-Pro unless you want to replace it every 3-5 years.
I must agree

www.luggageworksonline.com " Purdy Neat Things"
Stealth NG pilot bag go with the 23" Just when you think that it is full keep pushing you will be shocked to the amount that you can put in there.


Smoking Man
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I totally concur - PNT rocks. Plus, with all the additional external pockets, it makes the trek thru security a helluva lot easier to stash stuff from your pockets, plus a place to hold a newspaper, bid packet, or an OAG in the back pocket.

Before I got my PNT in September, I had a samsonite hardside - gave me 10-good years, but I now wouldnt trade my PNT for any other rollaboard. Will fit in most, if not all, overheads, even when 150% overgross :)

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