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Cargo Flying

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Well-known member
Jan 11, 2002

I'm a newbie seeking a cargo flying opportunity. I currently reside in Chicago, IL and can relocate ASAP.

Any tips or contact information would be a life saver!

[email protected]

Call Flight Express in Orlando.

Talk to a guy named Gary Hillyer, he is or was in charge of pilot recruitment. Alot of pilots will bash on flight express but from a time building point of view it was great. I spent 1 1/2 years there and do not regret a bit of it. The planes were a bit used but their maint. was pretty good. They have bases all over as well. It was hard to get in the baron but the 210 was a great bird. Also the corporate operators really like freight dogs. I went from PIC on a c-210 to citation at 40k yr. Good Luck!
Freight Operators

I have a friend who flies Caravans for Westair, out of Burbank, I believe. He lives in Bakersfield. He already had a ton of time, but no turbine, and built up 1000 of turbine in a year. Now, he has a spring class date at EJA to fly the Citation Ultra. He said he was never pushed to fly in unflyable weather or in unsafe aircraft. Sorry, I don't have any contact info.

Central Air Southwest, http://www.centralairsouthwest.com. I remember them in Oklahoma City from 15 years ago and wasn't all that impressed. However, other posters on this board have said positive things about them. You may be light on time, but I heard they have an SIC program that may not be P-F-T. You'll get to fly Aero Commanders, a real classic airplane.

Good luck with your job search.
A Thank You!

Just wanted to thank those of you who left a post or emailed me a response. It's hard out there and I just wanted to thank you who took the time to write.

I used to fly into Wichita KS. carrying freight alot, and the Central Air guys were in there when I was. From talking to those guys, they seem to like flying for the company. They flew Lances & Aero Commanders and they even had SIC programs. I believe they were based in Kansas City.

DAL (Love Field) has 2 freight operators, Projet & GTA. At one time I know they were hiring guys with VFR 135 minimums (Don't count on this now).

Flying freight is some **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** good experience and you will learn a lot.

Good Luck!
I know of a job that is going to be open soon in MKE flying a Cessna 207 then upgrade to a 402 then to a Beech99. Send me a private message and I will give you some more info.
right now i work for AOL IT SUCKS! hope to get my IFR /commercial this year and maybe have a job by 2003 and i live in the northeast PA got to love that

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