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Cargo Airlines Hiring?

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Well-known member
Dec 16, 2001
Just wondering if anyone knows any cargo airlines hiring such as Ameristar, USA Jet/Active Aero, or anyone else who flyes DC9's Falcons, Lears, Beech 1900 or 99's and who would hire someone with 1900TT, 750Multi and 250Turbine PIC. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the info. I interviewed at AirNet and got hired, but turned it down in July, when I called in October to see if the offer was still on the table I was told I only get one chance and since I turned it down I would not get another offer. I am flying a 402 now and will be in the 99 soon. I am just looking into getting in somewhere that has Falcons or Lears flying freight.
the best

You turned down the best company at this type of business there is and now you want something better.
With decisions like that, you will really get to know that 402.
I think it is in extremely poor taste to criticize a person's decisions when that person is simply asking a question. What purpose will this serve? Obviously, this individual now feels that a job at Airnet would be preferable to his/her current position, and probably feels some regret at not taking the job in the first place. You know nothing about this person's situation. Your input as to whether refusing the Airnet job was a wise decision or not was clearly unsolicited. Why not keep your judgements to yourself?

Ameriflight is currently hiring. They fly Lears, 1900's, 99's, etc. But I don't think they are currently hiring directly into the turboprops or jets. They are currently swamped with applications and I believe are only hiring into the Lance. Good luck with your search.
You are right

Your right. Far beit for me to be critical of this person.

I was just caught in the moment when he said he went back to them after September 11th to see if the job was still open. Let's not insult them or anything.

I was wrong to assume with those times this indvidual figured he could get on with a regional and skip this step.

USA Jet has about a number of pilots who were let go in the last nine months who will be offered reemployment to fill any vacancies prior to us bringing in new hires. It is doubtful it we will be hiring this year, but I also know alot of our pilots who were let go have found jobs, so hiring will depend upon how many of those pilts elect to return. It is a guess right now
I agree with Bluto. This cutting down of other people is downright distasteful. Is this STEP that Publisher speaks of written as a requirement anywhere? Maybe UPSer and Publisher are just ticked at the world right now. I don't know. But I'm sure that you guys didn't make it to where you are today without catching a break along the way from someone offering advice. Pilots are hurting right now and there really is no work to be found. Cut the guy some slack. If you don't have an answer to the questions asked here, keep your cutting remarks to yourself. I'm sure that most that use this site would greatly appreciate it. Good luck to FR8Dog and everyone else who is out of work right now.

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