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Career Decision about Eagle?

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Apr 17, 2004
Need some Advice---Eagle sent me a application with a deadline (it passed) to turn it in, Did'nt do it because of another flying obligation I thought would come through for me, This other obligation fell through Now I'm kicking myself.........Do you think I should bother following up with Eagle? Would it look really unprofessional to try and turn in the app and contact HR even though the deadline to reply has already passed?
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Yeah it's going to look a little suspect but what do you have to lose?

Good luck!! (with Eagle and not getting banned with your avatar)
Yeah the moderators must not be awake yet. EDIT: good decision man.
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Fact: You won't get hired if you don't apply (reapply)
Don't send it now.
Just in case they won't accept it after the deadline, you could call and ask whether they received it as you haven't been contacted or been sent a follow-up letter. Maybe they'll send another one out or tell you they're not accpeting any more resumes. But since you did receive one, you should still be elligable.

Anyway, I would assume most people who send these things in do it through certified mail, where you'll receive notcie when it's delivered.
Perhaps it was stated to do so on the application.

Good luck.
I almost guarantee you they will accept it from you. I know for a fact that we still need to hire quite a few people. If they have someone who wants to work here, they will not turn you away. Good luck.
You should still call if you still want to fly for us.

We're having trouble filling what small classes we're running, due to the fact that no one wants to come be an FO for the forseeable future. We have a large turnover for that reason, the majority being FOs.

That being said, Eagle is a great group of people to fly with, the airplanes are well maintained, the paycheck never bounces, and there's just a tad more stability than at some other airlines right now. You usually have your choice of several different bases when you are hired, and you can transfer to a base of your liking.

It is an awkward situation to have ignored the invitation because of a better opportunity. Just call and explain your situation, and if you're polite, I'd guess they'll give you a shot.

Good luck!

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