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Feb 6, 2006
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Has anyone else ever worked with someone that only wanted to be a co-pilot ? I spent the last eight years at KGTR with a guy who only wanted to sit in the right seat and talk on the radio . He would clean the airplane ever so often but his main concern was where were we going to eat lunch ! He was in his fifties and a local person . Would talk you to death . No ambition whatsoever . Talked a good game before he was hired and really played upon the boss's feelings by talking about how hard it was with two kids . Had an older brother and a younger brother that he knew would take care of him .


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Nov 16, 2002
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I did fly with a guy 10 years ago who was exactly like your guy.

The previous Captain never let him land with the owner on board, so he lost interest.

I told him and the boss that if you didn't want to fly, then I may as well fly the Citation single pilot and he could save the day rate.

After a couple of landings, he had a whole new attitude. The guy never felt like part of a team since the previous guy was a selfish tool.