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Captain Annoying

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NewsFlash: You make twice as much as us lowly FO's do...So quit bitching about not having enough money to make your next mortgage payment, buy groceries, buy an iPhone, etc......
I can do it on half of your salary you anus, so shut your blabbering trap. You moron.

Didn't you simply tell him to shut up?
When I was a kid, I once asked someone how much they made. My mom then spanked me for being rude. I have probably broken this rule myself before but I should still try to live by it. Other people's finances are no one's business but their own. That also goes both ways. You shouldn't share that info with others unless they are close friends or family.

Remember a long long time ago when society had these little rules called social etiquette?

Guy 1: "How much do you make?"
Guy 2: "None of your damn business!"

Guy 1: "Well I make/don't make...."
Guy 2: "I really don't care."
So did complaining on flight info solve the problem or not?
A little bit of the B-I-G, P-O, PP-A made me feel better either way.
Once you realize that you alone have to fix your situation you'll be bothered much less by this crap.
We could start a similar thread about annoying FOs....but we dont, because that is childish and Capts are not children!

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