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Cape Air???

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Feb 8, 2002
Just wondering if anyone has any info on Cape Air? Pay, bennies, schedule, interview process, flight hours per month or anything else you might know. Also do they have jumpseat agreements with any carriers?
Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Don't know much about them, but as an experienced 402 driver, you may want to hold out for somethign better. The 402C is no star on one engine.
I use to Fly for Cape Air, I got 1000 hrs in a year there then i left for eja. Its a good company to work for, they have jumpseat aggreements with almost all airlines. Pay when i left after a year I was getting I think $13.00 per DUTY HOUR. I would have made over $40,000 if I staid there till the end of last year. thats more then a lot of turboprop commutter captains for flying a 402.
By the way the plane wiil still fly fully loaded on one engine.
Look at there web site
Like Stingray I spent a year at Capeair. It was a solid company, good maintanance, good people, descent paycheck. I got to be based out of Florida and Hyannis. The money was better then the regular commuters, and there was great jumpseat agreements. Spent a year and flew about a 1000 hours, enough to get me out to EJA. Its a good place to build time and experience. Solid IFR flying and experience. Good luck.
Fly the 402

Not to be a wise guy... Cape Air only takes off over water. Low rate of climb is not a problem.
Tell me something, the guy is asking if Capeair is a good company and your acting like a complete Tool. Is this some sort of personality problem or are you just bored. If you want to be a know it all do it somewhere else. CA wasn't the endall for jobs but it was better then working for a crappy commuter. Good luck with whatever it is that you do.
agree with spart, cargo you need think before you speek
Cape air is a good comapny to work for & make a liveable wage why you are there,over $40,000 the year that i spent there.
Now what regional anywhere in this country can come close to that wage at 1yr, or yr2 or even yr3 for that matter
As for takeoff only over water,yes most of the airports Cape air flys from are pretty close to water, only a few are directly over water, I guess the planes you fly are not affeted by trees buildings. Or some of the higher terrain cape air flys over in the carribbean.Most like the cape cod area, south Florida, the carribean(st thomas, St croix, tortula, San juan & Ponce). Maybe you don't

I enjoyed my time flying for CapeAir, I wouln't mind flying there part time on my days off from EJA where i whent to,directly from Cape Air. There is too many fomer Cape Air pilots to count that are here at EJA, 4 of us from Cape Air whent through indoc at EJA in June alone. Many others whent strait to other good pilot jobs

I was pointing out that the 402 is well matched to the job at Cape Air in part because of the places from which they operate. I recommend it as a place to work most heartilly. Sorry for any misunderstandings! CC

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