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Canadian written ATP


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Feb 8, 2005
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Hey - anybody have any experience converting a US ATP to a Canadian ATP?

I believe there are three written tests that must be taken, as well as the flight test.

Is the Kulhane ground school weekend clinic the way to go?
Is there anything closer; I'm on the East Coast and Kulhane is in Vancouver; maybe Toronto/Ontario somewhere.....

Any other advice or handy links on studying for the writtens. It's not fun to have to relearn all this stuff.....




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Dec 30, 2002
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Yes, to convert to a Transport Canada ATPL, you will have to write 3 written exams; the INRAT, SARON and SAMRA. You will also have to take a flight test that will include an oral exam on Canadian IFR charts, procedures, and regualtions, a full procedure NDB with a circle to land, an ILS, holds, single engine procedures, and arrival/departure procedures. It is a T.C. Multi-IFR Category 1 flight test, as your FAA IFR will not transfer to Transport Canada. You also will be required to have a Transport Canada Category 1 medical for your flight test, and you will have to "loan" your logbooks to a T.C. inspector for a couple of weeks for they have to audit your logbook to verify hours.

For the written prep, which you will definately need if all your training is FAA, (the Canadian exams are WAY harder than the FAA's, and the questions/answers are not published) I would look at www.aerocourse.com. They are excellent, and in my opinion, the best prep. They also run seminars all across Canada.

Good luck.

p.m. me if you need any other help.

p.s. Are you Canadian?


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Dec 17, 2002
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You'll probably have better luck posting Here

Aerocourse is probably your best bet for studying for the Canadian ATP exams. Culhane is actually the name of the guy that publishes the Culhane books. I didn't think that the Culhane was that great of a book for studying for the ATPL exams.