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canadian arrest warrent problems

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Da Vinci

Well-known member
Aug 11, 2005
wondering if anyone has any real advise or answer to this question. when i was 18yrs old, me and my buddies used to go to canada (because you can drink beer, watch naked women and buy prostitutes...haha...too expensive!!)

anyway...one trip i failed to see a stop sign and got pulled over by montreals finest. the ticket was for 200 dollars. i refused to pay because there was no stop sign, it had been pushed over by a snow plow.

anway, within several months of threatening letters, i got a letter which basically advised if i set foot in canada again, i'll be arrested...and the ticket was now for like 500 dollars or something...late fees.

maybe 6 years later, i decided i might want to visit there some day so i tried to contact canadian DMV to 'fix' this issue. they could not find any record...but i may have been in contact with the wrong department.

so now, it has been 13 years or so and i'm hoping to be an international pilot ...you know...left seat 747 :) ...how bad is that? should i mention it? do they really keeps traffic stop/no ticket payments history that long? anyone know about this?
Lets see, 13 years compounded interest, Can vs US dollar, pissed off police...you probably owe over $15,000 by now....Ya better contact the right people and get something in writing that its paid or over with and keep it in your flight bag...Pass port....

Hey but what do I know, but i did stay in a Holiday.....well you know!
they just switched to computer record keeping the paper has been lost for a long time, if it was ever recorded. It wasnt me main!
DMV probably won't have the record. I'd check with the Montreal police or whomever you got the letter from, if you still have it. The prosecutor's office most likely will cut you a deal on the fine if it's still there.
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