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Canadair Regional Jet Study Sites?

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Wondering if anyone knows of any websites that have CRJ study material or other pertinent information (besides the Bombardier site). Thanks much!

Try out Avsoft: www.avsoft.net

I just finished CRJ training and found that Avsoft's products helped a great deal. Especially for the oral. Here is what I would recommend getting:

3-piece flight deck poster, EICAS synoptic pages posters, CRJ Quick Study Guide.

If you get these things you should have no problems with systems or the oral. If you have any questions about the plane, send me a message. It's all still fresh in my mind. :)
Congrats on completing your training. I'm curious where you got hired to fly a CRJ with 700 hours. Any chance you could tell us what airline and how you did it?
I got hired with Northwest Airlink, Pinnacle Airlines (formerly Express Airlines 1). They seem to be hiring plenty of pilots with low time right now. The other pilots in my class had TT's ranging from 480 to 5000. Most of the low time pilots were either CFI's or turboprop pilots from other 121 carriers. Most of the pilots with high time getting hired are furloughed Midway CRJ pilots. I've noticed that from the last 3 or 4 classes the average TT was 1,000 to 1,200. Very few guys with over 2,000 hours are getting hired.

I know this may cause some heated discussion, but I got this job because of the unofficial flow-through that Airlink has with Gulfstream. I was a first officer on the 1900 and also a CFI for their training academy. Gulfstream got me and 35 other pilots an interview with Airlink and 27 of us got the job. Not all of us were low time. Some were captains with as much as 3500 TT.

P.S. Just to set the record straight, there is not still a PFT program going at Airlink. Although the Gulfstream pilots payed for training at Gulfstream, we had to pay nothing to get the job at Airlink. We all went through the same interview process as everyone else and Airlink still foots the bill for our training.
And, what if they teach you something that your instructor disagrees with? Or something contrary to how your new employer does it? I've been through four different initial 121 training programs, and I would recommend that you do NOT study anything about the aircraft before you arrive. You should make sure you know the things you should allready know, like 121 regs and your own ops manual. It's just a suggestion, take it as you wish. Good luck.
You Jumping around I see! from buying a job at gulfstream
to buying a job at express I, Life is hard!

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