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can i seat in 1st class?

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Bad Seed

Bad To The Bone
Dec 2, 2005
How many times did you hear that sentence ??? I get bored beyond no belief by those people who want to get a free upgrade on the flight ! I mean... you don't go pay for a compact car and drive off with an SUV !!! I actually told that to a passenger ! He shut his mouth at that moment... trying to make him understand that First Class is a product and its not only the flight. You have the space, the food, the seat, the flight attendants ratio, the lounges etc... it doesn't go for free !
They tried all the excuses,

but I'm a customer ! So are the other 324 passenger in economy class sir,

But it's empty ! Well there are 324 of you in Economy, how many should I put per seat in Business and First...

I'll pay you ? let me call the ground staff and see what's the price difference ! no I'll give YOU a 100 USD !!! That's called bribes sir, no Thanks or its 1500 to get upgraded... I'll pass then for this time I only have 200 USD !

I'm a frequent flyer, look this is my card... It's an entry level card sir, you need to be Platinum to flash a card you know...

But they promised me I'll get an upgrade... What ever, come show me which ground staff did it...

I very well know this person at your airline... Good for you he doesn't work on this flight and we got strict orders from him not to upgrade anyone, managment rules...

does any of this bulls**t sound familiar ? ok lets hear your horror stories.:eek:
I got this once "I'm clausterphobic do you have any seats in buisness or first class"
-"We'll be very quiet, we promise. The other passengers won't even notice we're there"

-Telling them the cost of an inflight upgrade: "can you do it for 40$, that's all I have"

Actually the most shocking I got is when the reality sunk in that they aren't going to get upgraded they said: "FINE! but we're gonna keep you real busy during the flight (he says tapping repeatedly on the flight attendant call button).

I already knew the call button could be used for "assistance" I didn't know the call button could be used for "revenge" :eek:
Yeah, well, I like it when pax ask to be upgraded to First Class and I have to tell them we don't have one, so y'all can shut it!

Love you, mean it!
At least some ask. I had one lady this summer slip in. My count was 20 and when I looked there was 21. I had to do a double take. Checked with the ground staff and they assured me that there were no upgrades done and that I should only have 20. Took a quick peek at my list and went to visit the woman in 3D.
May I see your boarding card Miss?
Mmmm well my seat is 4C (ecomony), I just though I could sit here.
You're more than welcome to sit here Miss but the upgrade fee is $250.
That's okay I'll just go back.
Okay, enjoy the flight. [I'll see you on landing]
I always like when the "passangers of size" ask if they can sit in first class cause it will be more comfortable for them.

had one "lady of size" tell me that her physical therapist "insists she sit in first class as not "to damage her backside from recent surgery".

from recent surgery? try eating to much oreo cookies and other assorted goodies!!!
there was this husband and wife team that went into first class and just sat and made themselves all nice and cozy and comfy. i too did a head count and they were 2 too many. so i asked to see their boarding passes, and wow! the husband goes all ballistic and accuses me of being a bigot against Japanese!!

lol what a ridiculous notion! i told him he is to sit back in economy and he and his wife better get there now! dont make this hard on himself and his wife!
they both went back, and surprisingly i didnt hear another peep from either one of them the rest of the trip.

its always something isnt it.

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