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Can I hook up discman to a/c radios?

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I was just wondering if anyone knew if it were possible to hook up a discman to my planes radios or headsets somehow. There are jacks on both the pilots and "co-pilots" side, but no intercom... however I do have a portable intercom that I can use if need be. It's getting a little old listening to AM radio off the ADF reciever. Just curious!
Most intercoms have an audio in and out. A real nice intercom (DRE is made one I've installed before) even mutes/turns down the music during radio reception if you like.

Most intercom installations, however, do not seem to wire up for the audio in or out. Some frown upon the idea of pilot listening to tunes. Captain's discretion....

I've got a cheepo flightcom portable intercom that worked great. Listened to tunes sometimes while flying jumpers, before talking to center (better than listening to jumpers!). The Audio Out was real nice for dual, especially instrument students-- could record entire lesson for student to review later (clearances, radio, instruction etc...). Think it cost me about $80. Audio in/out via sony mini stereo jack.

One last thing-- if you rig something up, suggest you test it out on FBO freq, or non busy ground etc. ATC might get testy if you bleed over music, especially if you goof up a clearance etc. Music in the backgroud of your transmissions on FAA tapes would look bad in LOI. If wired properly, this should not happen.

rock on.
I use a Sigtronics portable intercom in our Lears hauling checks with normal headsets. Not top of the line but a very good unit that does not eat batteries for a living. Toons sound great, although my unit does not have a mute for the music, it does not transmit music when I transmit to ACT. I hook it up to Co-Pilots side and he runs radios by push to talk. If the left seat wants to transmit you just use the hand mic. Discman just plugs into intercom. This set up works great compared to listening to 1970 overhead speakers in a freightdog with all the sound insulation removed. Been ramped more than once by the FAA both airside and maintence and no problems with my setup just as long as it is self contained and portable and not illegally hotwired into a power source on the plane. I know some will say that there is a potential for NAV interference. My set up been used for over 1000 hours with no indications of NAV problems - NONE. Remember use at your own risk as your milage could vary. I speculate it has saved me numerous missed calls and possible altitude busts now that we can be violated even if we read back the wrong altitude to the controllers. The toons really help to make the night go by especially since we average 7.5 per night. I wouldn't have it any other way.


Due to an Airworthness Directive/Service Bulletin, many 152-172's cigarrete lighter is disconnected. Memory fuzzy on what years etc. the SB covered. Batteries, lots of batteries. There are a few workarounds to get DC (unapproved). i.e tap off an instrument post light.

My favorite was a contraption to power a hand held GPS in a 727 off the flourescent lights! Variable DC or AC at your fingertips!
I heard and only heard and by any way do not approve of this but...........you can take an old head seat cut the jacks off. Then take your headphones and cut the jacks of that. Splice the headseat jacks onto the headphone jacks.

Now you have a cord that plugs into your walkman/discman that can be fitted into a jumpseaters headset panel. I think you can figure out the rest.
Sporty's and King sell a 2-place portable intercom. The unit plugs into the pilot's side headset jack, then you plug your headset into the intercom box. It comes with a push-to-talk switch which attaches to your yoke via velcro (supplied). The F.O. plugs his/her headset into the intercom box (if you want him/her to be able to hear) Whoever is on radios gets the PTT switch. Your cd player/mp3 unit plugs into the "audio in" jack. Most units don't come with the "player to intercom" cable so it's something else to buy. (it's a 1/4 inch plug) The units usually have a music cut off feature, so ATC won't hear your sultry sounds of Sinatra, the a*s*s thumpin base of Ja Rule or the primal screams of Kid Rock playing in the background. It REALLY helps passing the time. Now if I could only rig one of those new XRM satellite radios into the system I'd be set.

Hope this helps...


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