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Can any XE guys help me out...

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Jul 15, 2004
I'm trying to get back to IAH from MSP and was wondeirng if you guys have a recip agreement with Sun Country dispatchers or if one is even needed? If not is it still possible to hop a ride? We are CASS approved. I cant seem to find anyone with this info anywhere else.

You can PM the info if you like.
Thanks in advance guys...
I don't know who XE is, but I used to jumpseat on Sun Country quite a bit when I worked for a 135 carrier, we didn't even have a recip agreement. In other words, I think they're pretty flexible.
Yeah EX is Express Jet. I am at SY right now and trying to get to IAH. So we'll see.
SY is very easy to JS on. All you need is a certificate and pretty much you're on.
I've hitched a ride on XE, but only in the cabin. As far as I know, Xjet doesn't allow offline/OAL dispatchers in the actual.
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As far as I know the only OAL dispatchers we allow on the flight deck j/s are those of CAL. I don't have my FOM handy though so anyone can feel free to correct me.
Yes, you can jumpseat as a dispatcher, whether or not you're CASS, but ONLY in the cabin on XJT aircraft.

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