Calling NetJet new hires!


Not stop loss again !!
May 9, 2002
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Congrats to all you NetJet new hires !! As there seems to suddenly be quite a few of you, perhaps we could start a short poll so that you could share your info :

1. When did you submit app, get "pool" letter
2. How long from letter until interview
3. What was the interview process like
- how many folks in your group
- any telephone questions prior to interview
- online testing at home
- paperwork review
- sim surprises
- any interview questions that stand out
- is there a physical and what was it like -- don't need gory details here :)
4. What should one study to prepare
5. Any insider info on upcoming interviews, how many need to be hired when, how the training pipeline is flowing...

Thanks -- hope to see ya there someday soon