California Trip


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Jun 9, 2003
My gf and I will be going on holiday to Cali next week. Were flying into LA and staying with my parents for a couple days, then driving up to SF on Friday morning on the 5 freeway past cow country. On Sunday afternoon, we're planning to drive down to Carmel/Monterey area then heading over to Fresno and spending the night there because the next day we want to hit up Sequoia Nat'l Park. Our original plan was to stay in Carmel Sunday night and drive to Sequoia the next day, but it seems like a long drive to there, then back down to LA that same day. Does anyone have a recommmendation on where we should stay Sunday night, I believe the closest cities in between are Merced and Fresno, are their other cities worth looking at that arent the boonies/cuts/or burbs??
Also, any suggestions of sights we can see on the way. Is seeing Yosemite and Sequoia on the same day possible? Would going to Hearst Castle after Sequoia be a good idea or too far away?
If you live in SF, what are some good parking lots near Union Square that allow in-and-out priveleges, or is parking on the street a better option?
thanks!(I moved this from non-aviation related chat)