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CAL Questions

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Well-known member
Jan 16, 2003
Hey All,

I've been told by my sponsor at CAL to expect an interview at CAL within a couple weeks and am trying to learn all I can about what to expect the first year or so..

Before anyone starts firing at me for putting the cart before the horse, this will be a huge sacrifice (not whining, just a fact) for me and my family and I want to go in knowing all the potential up and downs. I do not by any means think that the interview is a slam dunk. Should I be given an opportunity at CAL, I just want to make my decisions based on as much info as possible.

I have read and heard that reserves on the EWR737 are "flying" between 50-75 hours a month and EWR756 reserves are "working" nearly 100 with most time as deadhead or IRO, which credits less. What are these guys 737/756 actually crediting for pay??

I haven't read anything about the 777 FOs. How long does it take to possibly hold 777 FO? Is it even worth thinking about since upgrade times should drop as retirements increase?

I have a copy of the CAL contract and LOAs, but not being a lawyer am having a hard time digging through it to find these answers.

Thanks in advance....
You could probably expect to be off reserve as a EWR B737 FO in three to five months after IOE. Pay can be anywhere from 75 to 95 hours per month depending on your desire to pick up time and trip trade once you’re off reserve. We currently have a very flexible trip trade policy will change when we go to PBS sometime in mid 06. Example I am biding around 60% as a EWR B737 CA in Nov I was awarded a line with 76 hours and 17 days off. I was lucky and through trip trading was able to increase pay to 92 hours while still keeping my 17 days off.

New hires are getting advanced to IAH and CLE on the 737 from EWR between two to six months from date of hire. I would plan on being on reserve (76 hours of pay for B reserve 2 hour call our and 72 hours for A reserve nine hour call out) for at while.

If you go to the B757/B767 we call it the B756 in EWR you will probably be on reserve for about a year. I would expect a lot of DH and flying IRO.

B777 out of EWR is attainable in my opinion between nine to eighteen months from DOH. However you will be junior for quite some time and I wouldn’t expect to hold a line for at least a couple of years. IAH B777 is very senior may be able to hold it in five years or so.

Retirements – About 1000 in the next five years – 2000 in the next ten years – 3000 in the next fifteen years. We currently have 4550 pilots on the list. I would guess bottom feeder EWR B737 CA in two to fours years at present.

As always everything is subject to change. I fly with many FO’s who were told by GORDO when he came to visit their class that they would all be CA’s in five years. He was right but none of them expected it to be at Express on the RJ furloughed from CAL.

Good luck and hope to fly with you someday.

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