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CAL Pilots Sue Over Military Leave

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Well-known member
Jan 14, 2006
Does anyone have any specifics on the allegations? Here is the article from Yahoo:

HOUSTON (AP) -- Four pilots charge that Continental Airlines discriminates against them over their service in military reserve and National Guard units.
The pilots say Continental shortchanges them on seniority and harasses them over service-related absences.
The pilots are seeking class-action status for a lawsuit they filed in July against the nation's fourth-largest airline.
They claim Continental is violating a federal law that prohibits denying jobs, promotions or benefits to someone because he or she is in the military or National Guard.
Pilots with more seniority get first choice of assignments, often meaning better pay and retirement benefits.
Continental says it supports pilots who have military commitments. "The claims in this case are baseless and completely without merit," says airline spokeswoman Julie King.
OK, now what are the merits of the case? The deets.
My limited understanding is: PBS discriminates against military guys, B-fund contribution calculation issues with military leave of absences, and intimidation tactics against mil members trying to take mil leave.

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