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CAL min days off?

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you get paid at the first year reserve rate, 76 hours at $29 and some change, comes out to about 2300 a month. Medical does not kick in till 6 months, and flight passes dont for im not sure how long. I dont understand why the medical does not start until 6 months afterwards. Kinda ridiculous to me seeing how our health is so important in this business. I'm sure it has something to do with group insurance policies and they treat everyone the same all the way down to the guys on the line. Not to sound all high and mighty, but it should be a different policy for the pilots. Its not like we are taking the job in order to get health coverage, then leave after we get the surgery we need or something like that.
>>Training, excluding Initial Operating Experience, is eight to nine weeks. The first day, and half of the second, will be devoted to Company Orientation.

Aircraft and base assignments will be established on the second day using class seniority. Class seniority is determined by your date of birth, with the oldest being the most senior in the class. The B737 is the normal starting equipment, but it is not unusual for a new hire to be awarded a B757/B767 position. First year pay is $29.97 per hour, regardless of the equipment flown, with a minimum pay guarantee of 76 hours per month as a reserve pilot; however, if you are awarded the Guam base and commit to an 18-month stay, you will receive second year pay on arrival in Guam. Second year pay for a reserve pilot is $58.44 per hour with a 76 hour per month guarantee. In addition, Guam pilots receive a Cost of Living Allowance of $1100 per month.

Basic Indoctrination begins the middle of the second day and is eight days long. Specific aircraft training will begin the following Monday. The first two weekends will be off days; however, once aircraft training begins your off days may occur on any day of the week. You will have two off days a week with at least one longer break sometime in the middle of training.

Per Diem will be paid to you for expense reimbursement while in training at the rate of $44.00 per day.

Two non-revenue passes per family member per month are provided during the first 90 days. Unlimited travel passes are granted after 90 days.

Benefits package, including medical insurance, begin six months after your hire date, except for Guam based pilots who receive benefits immediately on arriving in Guam. Arrangements have been made for you to purchase your own short-term medical insurance until your company paid medical benefits commence. For more information or to apply for this insurance before your class begins, contact “Extend Benefits”<<

They also offer a "bridge" medical plan through a third party to get you thru the first six months. In my state there is an income tested medical plan for women and children that we were eligible for so we went with it. If your a veteran the VA may cover your medical needs.

Hope the above helps.

ps: I've been here about six months and it's been great.
Remember the shitty 1st year pay and bennies when you get to CAL!!! It was negotiated by our lousy scab MEC who at this moment is being recalled!

If your based in IAH DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!

Remember the union is supposed to rep. the pilots...not the Company!!
Well, in the last week we've made a hell of a start. Three MEC Officers resign. Two IAH REPs recalled. Two new EWR Reps Elected recently. Two weak GUM reps not running. We only have the two CLE weak reps and one flight instructor rep left from the old spinless MEC. Provided IAH pilots elect solid reps with integrity. The two GUM reps that are running are doing so unopposed and from what I can see decent. If our MEC elects three SOLID MEC OFFICERS I would say we have made a successful cleaning of the CAL MEC house of cards.

We can't change the past, time to start shaping our union for the future challenges!
Jomama said:
Remember the shootty 1st year pay and bennies when you get to CAL!!! It was negotiated by our lousy scab MEC who at this moment is being recalled!

If your based in IAH DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!

Remember the union is supposed to rep. the pilots...not the Company!!

While I am certainly no fan of the disgrace CALALPA has become, I can not let this ignorance go unabated.

1) Only 1 scab was on the MEC. The other 2 were non scab FMR's from the PEX days.

2) The MEC doesn't negotiate anything, the NC does. Off the top of my head none of them were scabs.

3) The MEC resigned, they were not recalled.

4) The IAH LEC was recalled.

Get your facts straight before you blow more hot air out your arse.
Look not to start name calling and scab etc. That is not correct.

Gum CA rep, two former IAH reps, Flight Instructor rep and soon to be former MEC chaiman all fall into the above catagory. Lets put the past behind us.

While you are correct the MEC did resign. One could argue they did so knowing the following.

1: IAH reps were going to be recalled and thus a matter of time until they were recalled.

2: F/A TA basically made them look like fools and liars.

3: They left on their own terms while still patting their backs on the way out. I'm being kind.
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