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CAL MEC Supports Striking Amerijet Pilots

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Well-known member
Sep 10, 2005
Cal Mec Supports Striking Amerijet Pilots

Sep. 1, 2009

The pilots and flight engineers of Amerijet, represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 769, have been locked in a bitter dispute with management while trying to negotiate their first contract. In July, the National Mediation Board released them to a 30-day cooling off period. Shortly before midnight on August 26, 2009, management walked out of the negotiations. The cooling off period expired at 1201 am on August 27, 2009; at which point the Amerijet pilots and flight engineers were released to self-help. The Amerijet pilots went on strike at 1630 EDT that afternoon.

Below is a link to the article that the IBT has put out regarding the Amerijet strike.

Click here for link to IBT press release

While Amerijet may not be an ALPA carrier, it is imperative that we support all airline pilots in a fight for a fair and equitable contract. If anyone is in the Miami area and is willing to support the pilots and flight engineers of Amerijet, they will be picketing the offices of the airline 24/7. The offices are located next to the ATC tower in Cargo City at Miami International Airport.The address is:

6185 NW 18 ST BLG 716-B
MIAMI, FL 33142

Thank you and fly safely.
Ok so the F/O on Colgan has what to do with the Amerijet strike? Her story is typical and sad, but it was her choice to commute in from the West Coast and work later that day with minimal rest-- many pilots put themselves there because they deem it to be the best for quality of life, or maybe can't afford to live in say NYC... We keep barking up this tree and the Government might just start regulating where we can live in respect to our bases... As for peeing in a bag, that's just wrong-- at least have a urinal that dumps directly overboard or a honey bucket/bag like the old C-130s... "We'll put the curtain up for the females..."
I think the whole Colgan F/O thing was a bit off topic. I think his point was to try to connect 18 hour duty days with the high probability of tragic results. He didn't do a very good job but then again he was talking on the fly.
Other than that, Geez!
I think tieing it into Colgan is because Colgan is in the news right now. The corrilation is fatigue played a factor in Buffalo and Amerijet pilots work WAY past Part 121 Supp regulations.

The company forces 'em into it too. They do things like schedule a "16 hour day" that they know is never going to be on time. They then schedule Haiti to be the last stop before you come home. I don't know about you but I'd declare an emergency and blast out of Port Au Prince and exceed legal times before I spent the night in Haiti.

Anyway, tired pilots over the ocean should be just as outragous as tired pilots over Buffalo. That's the link...I think.

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