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CAL Intl Trips

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I'm new and haven't done but one out of Newark, but most 757/67 trips out of Newark going international leave for Europe late afternoon thru the evening on day 1, 8'ish hours later block in at a bunch of different cities through out Europe, crews get about 24 hours off, then arrive back in Newark on the 3rd day in the afternoon. From what I understand they are the most popular trips since you're gone from home only about 48 hours, you get about 16 hours of paid time, and nice long layovers all over Europe. One down side, which will get better over the next 1.5 years, is Deadhead pay, which alot of these trips have, gets only 50% pay until July '06 when it goes to 75%, then gets back to 100% pay in July '07.
Is a relief crewmember considered deadhead time?

So if you are a relief crew member are you getting 50% or 100%?

IROs get full pay but if you are doing a trip that is less than 8 hours over they will deadhead you over at 50% pay. In July 06 it goes to 75% pay and July 07 it's 100% again. That was part of the concessionary contract.
Thanks for the info guys.

Do you know how many times a month a typical lineholder would do that trip?
Deep Europe (Rome,FRA, TLV,etc.) 6 to 7 times, short stuff (SNN, DUB, etc.) 7 to 8 times. Anywhere from 12 days to 19 days off for the lines.

The gig for IRO used to be senior, not anymore. However, look for it to be good after the pay comes back.

I'm back on the B737 now, but for 7 years I flew the B75/76 and commuted to florida. I found that sub-base to be the best one for commuting; late check-ins, afternoon get backs. (And great layovers in Europe, South America, Pacific)
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