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CAL HKG jumpseat question

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Well-known member
Feb 11, 2002
Hello CAL gang,

What's the good/bad/ugly jumpseating from HKG to EWR?

The Continental website displays about 10 empty seats, but was wondering how weight restrictions may affect one's ability to get on.

Also curious, when the website displays dark blue seats on their seats available chart (labeled as "premium seats"), is that understood to be an empty seat for planning purposes?

Thanks in advance...
As someone who frequently JS out of pac asia, you're much better off call your bud's to check exact loading, or call Cal's non-rev, and id yourself as other airlines' pilots, and see if the resv agent is nice enough to let you know the exact loading. I'd do it no more than 2 days in advance of your actual flight.

About your flight, it's highly susceptible to weight restricted on the 777, so buyer beware (seen 20-30 seats blocked off)... Luckily now is only the shoulder season out of HKG. I'd suggest you try UA thru ORD or the new seasonal to LAX as well. Nwa also flies to NRT as well daily and loads aren't bad right now. If all else fails, look up Polar/Atlas.

Hope it helped.
The problem with HKG is there is always standby freight they can load, they never seem to get more than a few non-revs on and more times than not, none get on.

NW to NRT in the morning is a good way to get out of town.

Thanks fellas.

Will giver a go here in a few days.

It's a lot like flyin'...Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don't!

Thanks again for the input!

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