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Cal Ewr Alpa Lec Update

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Sep 10, 2005
EWR Council 170 Nor’Easter DownBurst
October 21, 2005

The Fall Nor’Easter is in the EWR crew room. This is your council’s publication, written by and for the pilots of Council 170 EWR. We the elected leadership of Council 170 encourage all members to read it and give us your feed back. Agree or disagree, your suggestions, comments, questions, and or answers will be addressed. Although the best way to have your voice heard in a participatory fashion is to attend the local council meetings, we know all too well it is at times difficult to attend, so we have the Op-Ed pages of the Nor’Easter to allow your views to be heard. It is your council, your union, and your futures that your participation will shape and define.

October MEC Meeting Recap

One of the things we heard loud and clear from our constituents was that too much of the MEC meetings were being conducted in executive “off the record” sessions. The August MEC meeting minutes are on the website, and there were only a few very short discussions held in ES. One session only lasted one minute, because your EWR reps wanted the displeasure that was being voiced against them by other representatives—over the Special Nor’Easter dated August 26, 2005, and titled the “CAL ALPA Propaganda Machine at Work Again?”—to be done on the record. At the recent five-day October meeting, not one Executive Session was held. While it’s true that the meeting was held at the ALPA offices in Herndon, that was due to the necessity for staff and national officer reports and the continuing hotel situation in IAH. There were several members present through the entire meeting, with several addressing the MEC during Speakers Corner. We are not bound by any ES confidentiality, so we can freely review all issues and sides of the various debates. Please plan on attending the next EWR LC 170 meeting.

Union Flight Pay Loss (FPL)
This issue consumed a day and a half of the meeting. MEC Resolution 0510-16, which addresses ALPA Flight Pay Loss issues, passed unanimously at 0030 on October 7 after a 16-hour session. This resolution is posted on the website. A report on FPL issues and policies covering the past three years was conducted by ALPA Executive Vice President (EVP) Captain Joe Fagone (FDX), assisted by attorney Clay Warner and CPA Margarita Lorenzetti. This report, along with proposed solutions to address reimbursement by the individuals involved and the officials who approved and executed the policies, will be presented to the Executive Council (EC) for action at their October 24–25 meeting. The EC is comprised of the four national officers plus the nine EVPs representing the 40 pilot groups in ALPA. The EC is charged with overseeing interpretation and application of the ALPA Constitution and policies, with primary fiduciary oversight over the Union’s finances.

The FPL policy for the CAL MEC that was implemented in April 2005 has been modified effective immediately to limit the use of union dues. The primary points of the new CAL policy are as follows:

  • <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; tab-stops: list .5in; mso-list: l3 level1 lfo2">An FTTL pilot who can hold only reserve if flying the line will receive 76 hours at blend. <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; tab-stops: list .5in; mso-list: l3 level1 lfo2">An FTTL pilot who is a lineholder will receive 87.5 at blend rate, if applicable
  • Vacation time will not be paid as add pay. If the Union requires a pilot to work during an awarded vacation period, it will be handled in strict compliance per Section 60 of the ALPA Administration Manual.

The report addressed past violations of ALPA flight pay loss policies with respect to paying vacation as “add pay” after January 2004.

The report also addressed the issues of paying CAL ALPA officials best in pay category and paying pilots who could have only held reserve lines as if they were regular lineholders.

These issues—along with individual issues of reps or committee members increasing the pay and cost to the Union by picking up trips on known Union business days—were also addressed. A member from each council had been appointed by MEC Chairman Panarello to work with Captain Fagone’s committee to propose the dates and the amounts of restitution by each individual who was paid in violation of ALPA policy. The MEC will be required to review and approve the plan prior to its going to the Executive Council. However, if a plan cannot be agreed upon, the Executive Council will take whatever action is required to address these issues. EWR Captain Rep John Prater and EWR F/O Rep Randy Newman recused ourselves from this MEC task force, as we have been reps at various times covered in the report. We nominated LEC 170 Secretary-Treasurer Larry Beck, and he was subsequently appointed to the Task Force.

Following the EC review and action, the entire report will be made available to all CAL members after the ALPA Executive Council meets the week of October 24, 2005.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Moved: F/O Randy Newman
Second: F/O Bob Shoemaker
Action: Passed—9/0/0


Report on Flight Pay Loss Issues


The Continental Airlines Master Executive Council (MEC) passed a resolution on April 1, 2005, revising its flight pay loss policy. The resolution also called for a review of several issues raised concerning flight pay loss. The resolution was directed to ALPA’s Vice President-Finance. After a review was conducted, a report was submitted to the Vice President-Finance and the MEC on October 5, 2005.


WHEREAS a committee was formed by the ALPA Vice President-Finance, Captain Chris Beebe, to respond to a request by the MEC to conduct a review of flight pay loss issues at the MEC (“the Committee”), and

WHEREAS Captain Beebe appointed Captain Joe Fagone, Executive Vice President, to chair the committee, and

WHEREAS the MEC received a 54-page report from the committee on October 5, 2005, at a Special MEC Meeting held at the ALPA Headquarters in Herndon, VA, entitled “Report to the Air Line Pilots Association, Vice President Finance, and the Continental Airlines Master Executive Council regarding use of Flight Pay Loss by the Continental Master Executive Council” (herein “the Report”), and

WHEREASmembers of the MEC reviewed the report during the evening hours of October 5 and on October 6, 2005, and

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