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CAL/ATA Aircraft Swap

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Contract 2020????
Aug 14, 2004
From the CAL EWR CPO, September 6th, 2005...

Today we signed a LOI to sublease 4 of our B-737-700's for the 4 remaining ATA B-757-300's. This agreement is subject to the approval of the debt holders. We will sublease a/c 701 on Sep 29, 703 on Oct 10, 704 on Jan 13 and 702 on Feb 2. We will receive 1 B-757-300 in Feb, 2 in March and another one in April. This is in addition to the other 8 ATA B-757-300 bringing the total to 12 from ATA, which was their entire fleet.
I saw 551TZ when I interviewed on 8/23 - looked like it was ready for a trip to the paint shop. If I get lucky and get the 757 again, I'll be looking for the rest of the ATA serial numbers in EWR!
9/13. Can't wait.
Pickle said:
Latest from IND is that the 737-700/757-300 swap is OFF.

That sounds like good news. Does that mean you are losing fewer airplanes?
SWA buys ATA

Any rumors that SWA may buy ATA?? Heard that one the other day...now ATA is transitioning it's fleet to all 737's...


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